The Golden Sands

We just pre-released our latest poetry book “The Golden Sands” to friends and writer colleagues for initial reviews and feedback!

Please contact us if you’d like to receive an exclusive (and free) beta-version on PDF now.

From the blurb: “The Golden Sands is a journey through seven worlds, symbolic of life’s struggles, virtues and timeless challenges.

As the story and poems proceed, the main person discovers new things about himself and the world, and grows as a person, getting closer to what he sees as his final goal – the distant mountain top.

A modern Odyssey of the deeper life within us.”


Here are the opening poems:


the blinking seas
of deep blue
and shimmers
of sunshine

a hat
light shirt
arm resting
on the chair
a mild breeze

along the horizon
in timeless beauty
and peace

a touch
a smile
in silence

slowly emerging
the splendor
of paradise
and the
of golden



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