Poetry talks, and Italy writings!

First of all – thanks so much for reading and following this blog, it’s been a great inspiration and motivation for new projects!

News for this year is a series of clips where we talk about the poems, novel-excerpts, and expand on some scenes and thoughts from the writings.

One example is a poem from the Departure collection here: https://www.pscp.tv/ellisd758/1MYxNjnNzzpxw, and the introduction to the “Italy, 1885” book here: https://www.pscp.tv/ellisd758/1zqJVMPZmVAGB

All in an informal setting – with coffee 😀



Interesting Feedback

We suddenly found a great person for reviews and feedback, a friend who can see through the text and right onto the deeper meaning behind or intertwined with the storylines. This was something we’ve been looking for for a while but did not succeed in fully finding until now. And it has some deeper impact on the feeling of writing. Something about the place within you from where one writes. Suddenly there is more company there.


Summer Readings

Enjoying the summer holidays in beautiful nature surroundings we’ve embarked on an old classic – “War & Peace” by Tolstoy! A bit confusing at first, but then with some sparkling passages and interesting philosophical conversations. And some truly stunning and poetic scenes with Napoleon on the battle field.

Currently at page 495 – middle of book II.