Interesting Feedback

We suddenly found a great person for reviews and feedback, a friend who can see through the text and right onto the deeper meaning behind or intertwined with the storylines. This was something we’ve been looking for for a while but did not succeed in fully finding until now. And it has some deeper impact on the feeling of writing. Something about the place within you from where one writes. Suddenly there is more company there.



Missing the writings..

Summer is almost into August, and we miss the writings..

After a super productive spring with two short novels (150-160 pages) and a poetry book, there has been a long break now. Partly because of the bright and energetic days, but also to absorb the feedback and new professional contact with Brooklyn.

We wrote three short pieces/moments in June for submission to a magazine, but we long for more.

As soon as the darkness falls earlier, the muses will return.