Summer Readings

Enjoying the summer holidays in beautiful nature surroundings we’ve embarked on an old classic – “War & Peace” by Tolstoy! A bit confusing at first, but then with some sparkling passages and interesting philosophical conversations. And some truly stunning and poetic scenes with Napoleon on the battle field.

Currently at page 495 – middle of book II.



There was a brilliant article about characterization in Proust this morning, that made me remember my own long and incredible journey with the “In Search of Lost Time”.

I started reading the first 6 volumes of the work (of a 12 volume edition) at the young age of 22 and was completely blown away. Then it was picked up again many years later at 32 years old, and I kept reading until volume 12. At that point, it felt like the main character was getting too much older than me, too far head of me. For the first time in reading Proust’s works, there was suddenly so many problems of fully understanding what he meant and why he was writing about what he did. And it didn’t resonate in the same way. So the last volume was saved, until 42 years old.

That is still some years into the future. But maybe we’ll have a little sneak peak, soon.