Feedback “Twelve Months”

We sent a couple of chapters of the “Twelve Months” (Or “Subdued Eruptions”, “A Painter in Rome”) over to our new editor in NYC two weeks ago – and just received some very nice reviews and helpful suggestions! Big day, and a big milestone.


Time scales

Three days after finishing a story that goes over 12 months, it’s weird looking back and realize that it all happened within two weeks of writing. It’s almost like another year, a separate year, has blended into my own experience of life, and become a part of my own history. Not a real life history, but a year that was lived through from the perspective of three characters. One of which traveled for six months in Italy. That fictional trip has elements that are almost as strong as my own real memories. And some elements are of course drawn from real life experience.

Sometimes writing really is like living through a journey. From a peaceful home. All in your mind.